About Us

Assemble You delivers a consumer-grade learning experience, providing resources to empower professionals to become the best version of themselves. 

The Team

Richard Ward

Adam Lacey ehadshot

Adam Lacey

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James Wann

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Monique Azcona

Kezziah Moorhouse headshot

Kezziah Moorhouse

Cara Fudge headshot

Cara Fudge
Partnership and Marketing Manager

Sandy Claps headshot

Sandy Claps
Learning Specialist

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Irene Naydon

Richard Ward Headshot

Our Origins

Co-founders Adam and Rich are cousins with a shared passion for learning and self-improvement, with years of valuable experience across learning and HR.

They developed the idea for Assemble You when they realised nearly all their personal development was being done via podcasts and audiobooks, as they could upskill while in the car, walking the dog, or at the gym.

As mainstream podcasts aren’t specifically designed for learning (and audiobooks are time-consuming), they developed podcast-style lessons with an educational structure.

From there, they’ve embraced other modalities that prove learning can be engaging, effective and convenient.

What We Do

Podcast-Style Learning

AY is the home of podcast-style audio lessons. Our audio lessons are designed to be listened to on the go. They complement (rather than compete with) a busy life.

TikTok-Style Learning

In 2024, we launched TikTok-style technical training. These resources (not courses!) are all under ten minutes. They upskill employees in the flow of life and solve problems at the point of need.