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AY Plus training as it appears on phones, laptops and tablets.AY Plus training as it appears on phones, laptops and tablets.


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What do you get?

TikTok-Style Microsoft Lessons

We bring learning into the flow of life, by providing essential training in a familiar format.

The UK's only female Microsoft MVP uses entertaining TikTok-style videos to teach key skills that help your people supercharge their productivity at work.

  • 50+ lessons with Microsoft Certified trainer – Deb Ashby
  • Transcripts
  • Concise, TikTok-style, portrait videos
  • Downloadable shortcuts and top-tip infographics
  • Before and after exercises
  • Tests

Podcast-Style Audio Lessons

Our core product primarily covers Power skills - those skills essential for growth at work.

This is training as we think it should be.

Consumer-grade production. Clear language. Rock-solid sources (e.g. HBR, McKinsey, scientific studies, and journals).

  • 150+ lessons, 10 minutes each
  • Transcripts
  • Key-point infographics
  • Tests
  • Recommended reading

Future Human Series

In this interview series, AY co-founder Adam Lacey speaks with Liggy Webb about essential skills for the future.

Liggy is an award-winning and bestselling author, presenter, and keynote speaker, specialising in life skills.

She is recognised as a thought leader on resilience and behavioural agility and works with a wide range of businesses helping people to be more resilient, agile and healthy.

  • Ten expert lessons
  • Transcripts
  • Key-point infographics
  • Tests
  • Reflection points

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