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The L&D Challenges Podcast

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In Learning and Development (L&D), staying ahead of the curve is paramount. For professionals entrenched in the realms of HR, Talent Management, or Organizational Development, navigating the ever-evolving terrain of learning interventions and strategies demands continuous insight and inspiration.

Enter "L&D Challenges" – a learning podcast which is your compass in the journey of mastering the art and science of learning.

Series 1 of "L&D Challenges" is a learning podcast committed to delivering actionable insights and thought-provoking conversations. Across ten episodes, listeners are invited into the minds of L&D luminaries, from industry giants to agile solo practitioners, each sharing their unique perspectives and strategies for driving engagement and maximizing impact within their organizations.


The journey commences with "The Challenges of Rolling out New Technology in Global Organizations," where Rebecca Tisdale unveils the complexities and triumphs of integrating innovation into established corporate structures. From there, listeners traverse through diverse landscapes, exploring topics ranging from adapting L&D to business change and harnessing the power of VR for frontline workers to revolutionizing retail training and fostering learning cultures.

Building upon the resounding success of Series 1, "The L&D Challenges Podcast" returns with a compelling lineup of episodes that delve deeper into the evolving landscape of Learning and Development. Series 2 invites listeners on a journey of exploration, innovation, and introspection, as industry experts and thought leaders share their perspectives on pressing challenges and emerging trends shaping the future of learning.

Exploring Key Themes

Series 2 of "The L&D Challenges Podcast" embarks on a quest to unravel the intricacies of modern learning ecosystems, from the rise of personalized learning experiences to the imperative of fostering inclusive and diverse workplaces. Each episode serves as a testament to the podcast's commitment to providing actionable insights and thought-provoking discussions that resonate with L&D professionals worldwide.


"The Three 'C's' with Phil King":

In this illuminating episode, Phil King dissects the three core pillars of effective learning – collaboration, communication, and creativity. Through real-world examples and practical strategies, listeners gain invaluable insights into fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation within their organizations.

"Building Effective Onboarding and Training Programs with Brittany Chamberlin":

Brittany Chamberlin shares her expertise in designing onboarding and training programs that drive employee engagement and retention. From crafting compelling narratives to leveraging multimedia resources, Brittany offers a holistic approach to optimizing the onboarding experience for new hires.

"L&D Supporting Diversity, Mental Health, and Wellbeing with Sally Dunne":

Sally Dunne delves into the vital role of L&D in promoting diversity, mental health, and wellbeing in the workplace. Through candid discussions and practical strategies, Sally highlights the importance of fostering inclusive environments where every individual can thrive and succeed.

As with Series 1, "The L&D Challenges Podcast" offers end-of-series reports for Series 2, providing listeners with concise summaries, key takeaways, and actionable insights from each episode. These reports serve as invaluable resources for practitioners seeking to implement the strategies and best practices discussed throughout the series within their own organizations.

In a world characterized by perpetual change and uncertainty, the quest for knowledge remains a constant. "L&D Challenges" emerges not just as a platform for dialogue but as a catalyst for transformation within the realm of Learning and Development. With each episode of this learning podcast, we invite listeners to embark on a journey of discovery, resilience, and growth – one challenge at a time.

For those seeking to unlock their full learning potential and drive meaningful impact within their organizations, "The L&D Challenges Podcast" stands as an ally in the quest for excellence.

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How to Engage Deskless Workers with Learning

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The 5 Rules for Learning Engagement and Impact Cover

The L&D Challenges Podcast Series 1

The 5 Rules for Learning Engagement and Impact Cover

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