Frequently Asked Questions

What does Assemble You do?

Assemble You delivers a consumer-grade learning experience to corporate L&D.

We do this in two ways: succinct audio lessons and short, TikTok-style technical training.

For our audio lessons, we combine research, case studies, and practical guidance to produce a compelling script.

Each lesson includes clear learning objectives and actionable outcomes. Finally, our voice actors enliven our words. Think short podcasts designed for the effective transfer of crucial knowledge.

For our technical training, we work with Microsoft MVP Deb Ashby to create training resources around the most popular Microsoft Office tools. With professionally produced portrait videos, follow-along exercises, top-tip infographics, and short tests, these resources are ideal for learning in the flow of work and life.

What subjects does AY teach (and how)?

Audio Lessons

We’re Power Skills specialists. They’re the competencies vital for the workplace that are frequently overlooked, relating to interpersonal interactions and personal growth: communication, productivity, well-being, mental health, and leadership development.Our awareness topics, encompassed in our sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion libraries, explore essential social issues and consider broader systemic themes.We’re attuned to learners' current needs and carefully select contemporary lesson titles relevant across industries.For more details, view the full list of Assemble You audio lessons.

Microsoft Office Resources

We provide Tiktok-style training resources (not courses). These resources solve problems at the point of need.

Think getting Outlook Search working properly, cleaning data in Excel, and integrating Microsoft 365 apps so they actually work together.We have over 50 videos covering all you need to know about using Excel, PowerPoint, Word and SharePoint.

How are your courses created?

Audio Courses
Our lessons combine detailed research, real-world scenarios, and expert perspectives. We have a robust framework that every lesson adheres to.

We thoroughly research each subject. We interrogate all the information we reference and only cite reliable sources, such as HBR, Quartz, McKinsey, and scientific studies and journals. Each piece of content is checked, edited, analysed, and approved through our rigorous process. 

Expert Series
We are proud to showcase the work and insights of subject matter specialists. AY’s Adam Lacey speaks with experts who share essential advice, key takeaways, and memorable anecdotes.

Authors, speakers, leaders, and consultants answer the difficult questions and bring tricky concepts to life.
We encourage deep reflection and cover topics that warrant more profound analysis.

Microsoft Office Resources
Deborah Ashby has over 20 years of experience teaching Microsoft apps to people worldwide, and her teaching is both compelling and effective. She is a Microsoft Excel MVP, boasts over 10 million views of her short training videos, and has amassed a social media following of over 200,000.

Infographics, transcripts, exercises and multiple-choice questions accompany Debs’ succinct, engaging videos.

Are Assemble You courses accessible?

Yes. We currently have a WCAG accessibility rating of A and are working towards AA.

So, you only provide audio?

No – every Assemble You lesson includes a transcript, a key-point infographic, a further reading list, and a short test.

Our lessons are available as videograms for where you need a .mp4/video, and our technical training features portrait videos designed to be watched on mobile devices.

Our Microsoft series is also video-led.

Will your lessons work on my LMS?

Yes. We’ve SCORM and xAPI wrapped all Assemble You lessons to enable you to drop them into any learning management system, learning experience platform, or virtual learning environment.

If you don’t have your own learning system, you can access Assemble You content via our lightweight LMS, Kwantic.

We make all the raw lesson files (.mp3s, .mp4s, and PDFs) available to add the content to your projects. For our audio content, we can provide HTML audio players that can be embedded into websites or SharePoint sites.

What else do I get with AY+?

Customer benefits include:

  • Raw assets
  • Transcripts
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Question banks
  • Video banks 
  • Metadata
  • Email templates
  • Advertising material (banner ads and gifs)