Need a unique solution? No problem.
Assemble You can develop custom training for your organisation.

Convert Boring E-Learning into Engaging Audio

Stop clicking, start listening.

Turn your old e-learning into easy-to-consume audio courses. We'll re-write, update, edit, voice, and redesign your old e-learning into a format that will drive engagement.

Audio helps people with visual impairments, and often aids comprehension for neurodiverse learners, or non-native English speakers.

Estimated Price*
£500-750 per hour of learning

Custom Audio Courses

Have something new to teach? Do your learners have no time to learn? You need an audio course.

Learn on the go.

Assemble You can quickly and inexpensively help you design, script, and create audio courses for your LMS/LXP or private podcast.

Estimated Price*
£1,000-1,250 per 2,000 words
(you provide research, and AY delivers scripts and voices)
£1,250-1,750 per 2,000 words
(AY researches, scripts, and voices)

Internal Recordings

Do you have internal expertise that needs to be codified? We take meetings, demos, and podcasts and remove ums and ahs, mute heavy breathing, cut irrelevant content, and upgrade the sound quality.

Just send over the brief, and let our creative team get to work on a solution for you.

Estimated Price*
£500-700 per hour of recording

Unique Idea?

Challenge us. We work with clients on a range of bespoke projects and we love getting our hands dirty.

So, speak to us, or send over the brief, and let our creative team get to work on a solution for you.

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Note: All bespoke pricing is subject to a number of variables. We've tried our best to outline average prices on this page, but for an accurate quote, please get in touch