Podcast Benefits

We’re big podcast fans, and we’re definitely not alone. There are over 19.1 million podcast listeners in the United Kingdom, and 26% of Americans are weekly podcast listeners. We listen when we commute, exercise, and cook. We download a few before we catch a flight. We ask our colleagues and friends for recommendations. Some of us have a lengthy list on our notes app that we’re slowly working through. 

Audio is popular, that’s for sure. And with 2.4 million podcasts to choose from, you’ll never be short of options. But what’s the appeal of podcasts, and what are their key benefits? Keep reading to find out.

They’re ideal for learning

More than half of millennials listen to educational podcasts, and 74% of people listen to podcasts to learn new things. We can listen hands-free and engage with podcasts when it’s most convenient. They’re private, portable, and ideal for professional development and learning whenever suits us best.

Podcasts are an excellent tool for professional development. They allow us to learn on the go and fit learning into our busy schedules. Whether you are aiming to achieve specific professional development goals or simply wish to enhance your knowledge in various fields, podcasts offer a flexible and engaging way to do so.

They’re great when we’ve reached our screentime limits for the day and want to rest our eyes. You don’t need to be sat in one place to listen or share what you’re listening to with the rest of the family (or the office or train carriage!) For content that inspires us to reflect, podcasts are perfect for establishing a private, safe space for deep contemplation.

When we listen without visual distractions, our imagination is encouraged to thrive. We are invited into an intimate environment where we connect with speakers and are keen to absorb new information. Headphones are a powerful resource, and what’s between them when we’ve got them on! Our brain’s capacity to visualise, fill in gaps, imagine and reflect is so valuable. We don’t necessarily need to busy our minds (or eyes) with video content. In fact, it can be off-putting in some situations.

Research demonstrates there’s an appetite for audio courses in the workplace, and 92% of respondents said that they found podcasts to be an effective way to learn new things. Lifelong learning through podcasts offers a flexible and engaging approach to professional growth.

Taken From Assemble You's Audio Report, 2019.

They reduce screen time

If your eyes are tired, podcasts offer some welcome respite. They’re a perfect accompaniment to your daily walk, exercise session, or meal prep and (refreshingly) don’t require screens.

If you need to close your eyes, you can freely and safely do so! And, again, the visuals your brain creates will likely be interesting and calming. Rest your retinas and let your imagination flourish.

Podcasts are eye-friendly and beneficial after a long day in front of a monitor. They can be both relaxing and engaging when you want to rest your body and chill out when life feels hectic, but you still want to engage in your lifelong learning. 

They can build community and connection

Have you ever felt alone and stuck and not been sure anyone in your close circle would be able to help? Have you ever felt relieved when you hear someone speaking in the media about something difficult that you’ve also experienced? Maybe you’ve got some big questions and are hoping for some detailed answers.

One huge benefit of podcasts is their ability to foster a sense of belonging and connection. Life is often chaotic, and feeling isolated sometimes is not unusual. There might be something on our minds that a Google search or chat with our friends hasn’t quite managed to fix. In fact, 58% of 18- to 24-year-olds in the UK said they use podcasts to get answers to personal questions before talking to their families.

Whether it's based on a shared interest, experience, or sense of humour, podcasts have the power to bring like-minded individuals together. Many younger people trust podcasts more than they trust traditional media sources and therefore feel connected and loyal to their hosts.

Podcast-loving communities can be found across socials, and conversations are often sparked by a shared love of audio and its creators.

what are the advantages of podcast
Podcasts Help Reduce Screen Time.

Which Podcast Will You Choose?

With so many podcasts to choose from and so much dedicated engagement, the public’s love for audio is clear. Podcasts reduce our need for screens, which is ideal when our eyes are so tired from long days in front of computers. They’re perfect for multi-tasking and great when we’re on the go. They’re super convenient and great for sparking both conversations and our imaginations.

Finally, podcasts are an ideal format for professional development and lifelong learning.  They’re private, portable, and brilliant for learning whenever suits us best. It doesn’t look like we’re switching audio off any time soon!

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