Enhancing the Pre-boarding Experience: Ten Ideas to Incorporate Audio for New Hires

The process of onboarding new hires has evolved over the years to embrace technology and engage employees before they step foot into the office. In this day and age, if you only start engaging with new hires on their first day, there’s a good chance you’ll lose them to another company. 65% of employers have reported hiring people who don’t show up on their first day. Audio content, such as podcasts, webinars, and voice messages, can play a significant role in making the pre-boarding experience more immersive and compelling for new employees. 

In this blog, we'll explore ten creative ideas for incorporating audio into your pre-boarding process, setting the stage for a seamless and enriching transition for new employees.

Welcome Podcast Series

Create a welcome podcast series introducing new employees to the company culture, values, and leadership team. These bite-sized audio episodes can be easily accessible through the company's internal platform during new hire orientation, providing new employees with insights and context even before their first day.

Interactive Voice Guides

Develop interactive voice-guided tours of the physical office space or virtual work environment. New hires can use these audio guides to navigate their workplace, learn about critical areas, and discover the history and significance of different spaces, promoting a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Personalised Voice Messages

Send personalised voice messages to new hires from their future team members, managers, or mentors. Hearing a welcoming and friendly voice can build a stronger connection and help new employees feel valued and supported.

Virtual Meet and Greet Webinars

Host virtual meet-and-greet webinars where new hires can interact with current employees. These sessions can include Q&A sessions, panel discussions, or casual virtual coffee chats, offering opportunities for new hires to connect with their future colleagues and start building relationships.

Audio Learning Modules

Develop audio-based learning modules that cover essential company information, industry insights, and professional development resources. These audio modules can be easily consumed during commutes, workouts, or downtime, making it convenient for new hires to start learning about their new role. This is an essential part of new hire orientation.

Leadership Voice Messages

Create a series of short audio messages from the company's top leaders. In these messages, leaders can share their vision, mission, and expectations for new hires. Hearing directly from executives can give new employees a sense of direction and inspire confidence in the organisation's leadership.

Audio Job Descriptions

Enhance traditional job descriptions by offering audio descriptions of each role. This not only provides a richer understanding of the job's responsibilities but also allows new hires to connect with the real people who currently hold those positions.

Company History Audiobook

Record an audiobook-style retelling of the company's history, detailing its journey, achievements, and milestones. New hires can listen to this audio history to gain a deeper appreciation for the organisation's heritage and its role in their industry.

Weekly Audio Updates

Establish a weekly audio update series where company leaders share important news, updates, and insights. This keeps new hires informed about recent developments and connected with the company's current happenings.

Team Introduction Podcasts

Encourage different teams within the organisation to create their own introduction podcasts. In these episodes, teams can share their mission, goals, and culture, offering new hires a glimpse into their future collaborators and projects.

Incorporating audio into the pre-boarding process is a dynamic and innovative way to engage new employees. Doing so creates a more immersive experience and increases commitment to the organisation by building rapport and loyalty with new hires. Through personalised voice messages, interactive audio guides, or informative podcasts, audio content can enhance the new hire orientation journey by making it more engaging, informative, and accessible. By embracing these ten ideas, organisations can set the stage for a successful transition and help new employees feel more connected, valued, and prepared for their new roles. 

By having effective pre-boarding practices, organisations can reduce the “new hire churn” by showing that the organisation is excited about them joining. 

Audio is not just a medium for communication; it's a bridge that connects new hires with the company culture and their future colleagues. It fosters a positive and lasting relationship between the employee and the organisation.