How to Integrate Podcasts into Your Learning Strategy

As L&D professionals, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our offerings. Have you considered supplying podcasts to your teams? 

At Assemble You, we love podcasts. In fact, they’re the reason we started the business. We have helped bring podcast-style learning to many companies with screen-fatigued or deskless employees. 

So, here are some insights on how you can easily add podcast-style learning to your offerings: 

License from a content creator 

The first is an easy way to add something different to your business: find off-the-shelf content. Our library focuses on power skills such as leadership and management, communication, sales and customer service, productivity, and personal development. With over 150 lessons, there is something for everyone.

This type of content can be provided in many ways, such as SCORM or xAPI, and be integrated into an LMS or LXP or through a private podcast you can share with employees. These resources can include theavailable to enhance learning.

Create your own podcasts

Another option is to create your own podcast lessons. This can be done relatively easily by recording interviews with senior leaders or having your L&D team record themselves talking about important topics. We recommend Audvice for this. 

The top tips to remember are to record in a quiet place that doesn’t cause an echo, don’t sit too close to the microphone, stay quiet while guests are talking so you don’t overlap, and don’t add in too many post-production sound effects. 

A woman recording a podcast on a laptop

Why should you consider adding podcasts to your learning strategy? 

Learning on-the-go

One of the greatest advantages of podcasts is their accessibility. Learners can consume content anytime, anywhere – during their commute, exercising, or downtime. It can also help increase engagement and continuous learning by ensuring that development isn't confined to screen-based lessons. This is especially true for which can inspire employees to develop both professionally and personally.

Supplemental learning content 

Podcasts are a great way to add supplemental, non-mandatory learning content. They allow the learner to delve deeper into a topic that interests them and fill gaps from other types of learning content you offer. This can help reduce the risk of important information getting lost in other forms of learning. Incorporating the best educational podcasts can significantly enhance the depth and breadth of your learning offerings.

Boost the voices within your organisation

If you’re creating your own content, you can have podcast guests. This helps boost expert voices within your organisation and gives a different perspective on topics or issues that you want to raise. It also helps increase a sense of community and culture within the organisation and creates a place for peer-to-peer learning on a larger scale. 

A cost-effective solution 

Podcasts are relatively inexpensive to create and publish. Platforms such as Audvice allow you to record and publish to your audience. If you can create a great podcast episode, you may just need to pay for an editing service and platform to host it unless your LMS/LXP has this capability. 

By featuring a personal growth podcast, you can provide valuable content that supports employees' development at a low cost.

So, don’t discount the power of audio in your learning strategy. It can be an excellent way to increase employee engagement and continuous learning. 

Assemble You have made their entire library free for 30 days, so try it out and see if it works for your organisation.