The Best L&D Podcasts in 2024

It’ll come as no surprise that we love a podcast. The team have been known to listen to our own (yes, for fun!), but there are plenty of others we tune into regularly. We might even have made an appearance on some of them, too.

We’d recommend you check out:

  1. The Learning Hack – John Helmer

This podcast explores the most intriguing questions and showcases some of the best minds in L&D. John considers how significant innovations are shaping the future of learning.

Listen to some of the episodes:

  1. L&D Disrupt – HowNow

Every two weeks, HowNow speak to forward-thinking experts about the biggest issues in L&D. Their guest speakers include:

Listen to all episodes here

  1. Mind Tools L&D Podcast 

The team at Mind Tools speak with industry leaders about all things work, performance, and learning. The most recent episodes are:

  1. The Death of E-Learning by Learning Pool

As Learning Pool explains, this podcast “cuts through the bluster to get to the heart of what online learning should be – and what it shouldn’t.” They (bravely!) ask their guests which element of L&D they’d get rid of if they had the opportunity.

Some great episodes include: 

  1. The Learning & Development Podcast by David James

David James, CLO at 360Learning, discusses topics affecting the profession alongside expert guests. Some of the great episodes include:

  1. L&D Challenges Podcast by Assemble You

It wouldn’t be right to leave our own podcast off the list. Adam Lacey meets with industry experts to gather their insights and look at the challenges faced by L&D professionals. Here are links to some of the episodes:

Incorporating Hybrid Training

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