Welcome to Assemble You!

Assemble You is an entrepreneurial team of learning technologists, strategists and enthusiasts. We believe there is a missed medium in the learning offering - audio. 

We love listening to podcasts but there were very few audio first options designed as learning packages. We decided to change that and combined our passion for podcasts with structured learning to create Assemble You.

In this article, we introduce Assemble You and outline our approach to learning, focusing on career development and competency based training.

Table of Contents

  1. What do Assemble You Courses Look Like?
  2. What Subjects Does Assemble You Teach?

What do Assemble You Courses Look Like?

Assemble You courses are short, succinct, ten-minute podcasts with accompanying downloadable transcripts, infographics and multiple-choice questions. These courses are designed to aid in career development and provide competency-based training.

Take a listen to one of our podcasts:

Each track is professionally researched, written and edited. Before including it, we interrogate every piece of information and only rely on reliable sources. Our approach is simple:

  1. Research top publishers and thought leaders (books, HBR, McKinsey, TED etc.).
  2. Squeeze out all of the value, and distil it into a script that educates and inspires
  3. Have a professional voice actor bring the lesson to life - no robot voices here.

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What Subjects Does Assemble You Teach?

Power Skills. Formerly “Soft Skills.” Power Skills are skills that take years to hone. They are very human skills that are difficult to develop and can always be better. Or, as Josh Bersin says: 

“These skills are not “soft” – they’re highly complex, take years to learn, and are always changing in their scope.” 

We’re talking about Leadership, Project Management, Productivity, Wellbeing, Growth, and Curiosity. The full list is available here. Our courses are perfect for those looking to enhance their career development and engage in competency-based training.

We teach you the tools, tips and frameworks that you need to problem solve, be agile, adapt, prioritize, lead effectively and communicate successfully.

We help you make constant incremental improvements in all areas and develop the versatile skillset you need to compete. 

Why Audio Learning?

Ask yourself this. How often do you sit down to watch a non-mandatory training video?

If you’re anything like us, not often enough. We are all busy, we have a thousand things to do at work, we have hobbies, a family etc.

That’s why audio needs to play a more significant part in learning. Podcasts and Audiobooks have exploded in popularity in the last ten years because you can listen to them while doing other things or simply on the go. 

Podcasts are brilliant, but they are not explicitly designed for learning. Likewise, audiobooks are great, but you don’t often have the time or the will to sit through 8 hours.

Assemble You crosses this divide with succinct, ten-minute audio courses designed to provide the listener with actionable, practical ways to build your skillset. We help to assemble you, focusing on career development and providing competency-based training.

Why Not Book Summaries?

We love a well-written book summary, but many fail to deliver on the detail. Why condense 10,000 words into 1,500? Why not write something intended to be 1,500 words instead? 

Why Short Podcasts?

Ever heard of compounded learning? 

We believe in the power of daily incremental improvement - the compound effect. Like many habits, learning a little each day can generate enormous returns in time. Getting 1% better at something daily, weekly, monthly very quickly equates to a more significant difference.

However, establishing a new habit is hard. We’ve all been there, whether it’s exercise, diet or any number of things we have good intentions to do but never turn into a habit.

Being someone who is always learning new things is no different. Like any new habit, the most challenging part is getting started. 

Our job as learning providers is to remove that barrier to entry and make learning easy to start and stick with. That’s why all AY audio tracks are only ten minutes long. We fit learning around your busy life, ensuring you have the resources needed for career development and competency-based training.

We fit learning around your busy life.

For more information on the Assemble You Library, and how to get access. Contact us on support@assembleyou.com.

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