An Introduction to ESG

Audio • 11 minutes

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify what Environmental, Social, and Governance means
  2. Discover examples for each of the three facets of ESG investing
  3. Establish some of the advantages and disadvantages of ESG investing

Lesson Description

The term Environmental, Social, and Governance, abbreviated to ESG, relates to the investing sphere. In all sectors, companies look for investors. ESG is an important concept for all kinds of people, including employees, CEOs, investors, and government officials. In the investing sphere, ESG is a set of criteria (or standards) that socially and economically conscious investors use to decide whether they want to invest. This is a guide to its definitions, details, significance, benefits, and drawbacks. After listening to this lesson, you’ll know what ESG is, how it looks in practice and its advantages and disadvantages. You will also be able to identify the dilemmas businesses that want to pursue ESG principles come up against.