Barriers to Sustainable Living

Audio • 11 minutes

Learning Objectives

  1. Establish what sustainable living is
  2. Identify the benefits of sustainable living
  3. Examine how to overcome the barriers to sustainable living

Lesson Description

If you're keen to reduce your environmental footprint but need help determining where to begin, this lesson is for you. We'll explore what sustainable living entails, its benefits, and the barriers you may encounter. We'll conclude by offering actionable steps to address these obstacles. While living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life is important, it can sometimes feel daunting. It's common to feel like the challenges outweigh the benefits, and the practicalities of starting a sustainability journey can be overwhelming. Sustainable living involves considering the impact of your lifestyle on the environment and finding ways to live in a more environmentally conscious manner. While it's easy to feel helpless as an individual, power lies in the collective effort of making simple changes and raising awareness. Working together is what leads to progress. Join us to discover how you can make a meaningful impact and address the climate emergency.