How to Motivate Your Customer Service Team

Audio • 12 minutes

Learning Objectives

  1. Establish why it is important to motivate your customer service team
  2. Identify how a motivated team benefits a business
  3. Examine simple, practical actions on how to motivate your customer service team

Lesson Description

In this lesson, we look at why motivating your customer service team is pivotal to your organisation’s growth and go through some actionable steps that, as team leader or supervisor, you can take to motivate your customer service team. In order to make exceptional service delivery a part of your team and business structure, there needs to be a cultural shift in your organisation. A motivated team improves customer satisfaction and impacts revenue, reputation, sales, and brand differentiation. Your support is crucial to your team, and good communication complements this. We look at how vision, clarity, encouragement, appreciation and building a sense of unity impact your team’s morale. This is a guide to sparking the change you hope to see in your workplace.