The Business Case for Sustainability

Audio • 10 minutes

Learning Objectives

  1. Examine why businesses should introduce sustainable practices
  2. Establish the impact sustainable practices could have on a business's employees and customers
  3. Identify how sustainability can encourage innovation

Lesson Description

The need for a better and more conscientious focus on sustainability is a global issue, and many businesses can do their part to help protect the environment. For understandable reasons, there has been significant pushback to this in the business world. Many leaders speculate that the rewards of introducing more sustainable methods to their business would not be worth the overall cost. And while this is a valid position, it’s not entirely accurate. The further we get into the 21st Century, the more apparent it becomes that we’re reaching a crucial turning point. Sustainable business practices can attract employees and retain customers, reduce environmental risks, reduce costs, and increase innovative thinking. This lesson takes a closer look at some of the main facets of the business case for sustainability.