Why Workplace Sustainability Matters

Audio • 10 minutes

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify what workplace sustainability means
  2. Examine the importance of workplace sustainability
  3. Explore practical steps to create a more sustainable workplace

Lesson Description

"In this lesson, we will take a look at how sustainability applies to the workplace and why it matters. Then we’ll provide actionable steps for how to go green at work. It’s easy to feel like sustainability is somebody else’s problem. But collectively and individually, we can reduce our environmentally harmful behaviours and nurture a healthier world. This lesson will cover the impact of single-use plastics, paper, and travel. It’ll examine responsible water usage, recycling, and creating a greener bathroom. Finally, it will establish ways to discuss sustainability with your colleagues. If workplaces can get sustainability right, it will be a giant step towards protecting our planet. Our succinct guide will increase your confidence and inspire you to make small but significant changes. "