TikTok-Style Microsoft
Office Resources

Reduce Friction, Enable Engagement

Introducing TikTok-style training resources for your people.

Think: getting Outlook Search working properly, cleaning data in Excel, and integrating Microsoft 365 apps so they actually work together.

  • Mobile-ready portrait videos
  • Expert-led
  • Solving common problems at the point of need
  • Hassle-free content for when you're away from your desk

What's Included?

  • 70+ lessons
  • All videos under 10 minutes
  • Downloadable shortcuts and top-tip infographics
  • Transcripts
  • Before and after exercises
  • Testing materials
  • Descriptions, tags, titles, thumbnails - all the metadata you need
  • Raw .mp3, .mp4 and PDF files to use however you wish
  • SCORM and xAPI format to drop into your LMS/LXP
  • Or, if you need it: Kwantic, our lightweight, easy-to-use LMS
A selection of thumbnails for the MS TikTok videos
Headshot of Deb Ashby

Your Microsoft Expert

With over 20 years of experience teaching Microsoft apps to people worldwide, Deborah Ashby is passionate about teaching in a compelling way. She is a Microsoft Excel MVP, boasts over 10 million views of her short training videos, and has amassed a social media following of over 200,000.

Deborah is on a mission to make everyone proficient in Microsoft Office. Deb dynamically teaches Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft 365 Apps to businesses and individuals.

Lesson List

Click each heading for a sample of the lessons, or download the full list here.