Why Podcast-Style Audio Learning?

The global podcast audience is booming, with an estimated 504.9 million listeners worldwide in 2024, up from 274.8 million in 2019.

So, where do podcasts fit into learning and development?


of respondents find audio learning effective


a startingly low number, have access to employer-provided audio content


of 18 to 24-year-olds regularly listen to podcasts and audiobooks while working.

Built to fit into the flow of life

  • Avoid screen fatigue
  • Make space for activities such as exercise, cooking, gardening, or walking your dog
  • Listen without visual distractions – ideal for deep reflection

Add audio learning to your offering for three key reasons:


You have deskless or frontline workers who are difficult to reach with other digital learning methods.

That could be a field sales team that is often on the move or warehouse operatives that don’t have access to a screen.

In many roles, employees can listen to something whilst maintaining focus on their work without having to move away from their ordinary tasks. Our lessons are all designed to be listened to on the go and are a hands-free experience.


You have screen-fatigued desk-based workers.

Sending out e-learning or video-based learning to this group is a big ask. So many of us are now engaging with screens for ten hours a day, and our eyes are tired.

Audio learning allows individuals to be away from their desks and learn while walking, exercising, or preparing food. This is high impact, with a low opportunity cost.


You have workers with varying needs (this one is inevitable!).

For various reasons, some individuals find listening a preferred way to absorb new information. Audio is a way to provide variety and choice. With podcast-style lessons, individuals can regain autonomy over their learning.

Is audio learning effective?

In the last year, we’ve conducted several controlled pilots from a range of organisations. In those pilots, we had over 200 people listen to our lessons and answer survey questions.

We discovered that...


87% of respondents found the training impacted their decision-making and behaviours.


said the training would be of value to themselves or their team.


said they would like audio learning to be made available alongside other formats.

How are your podcast-style courses created?

Our lessons comprise a combination of research, real-world examples, and citing subject matter experts.

We have a robust framework that every lesson has to adhere to, and all our content is expertly researched to ensure we provide rich insights to our listeners. 

We interrogate all the information we reference and only cite reliable sources, such as HBR, Quartz, McKinsey, and scientific studies and journals.

Each piece of content is checked, edited, analysed, and approved through our rigorous process.