What is Bespoke Training? 

Bespoke training is tailored to your requirements and branding, and it’s a way to ensure that everything you offer meets your employees' training needs. You can use bespoke work to update your existing audio learning apps. We will re-write, revise, edit, re-voice, and design new audio-learning content, which will help drive engagement. 

Bespoke audio courses can diversify your learning offering, allowing employees to choose how and when they learn. Audio lessons mean you can learn on the go, which is so great for desk-less workers as it’s screen-free. Additionally, It’s ideal for any employees who experience screen fatigue and want to give their eyes some respite. This is especially beneficial for managerial training, where flexibility and accessibility are crucial.

bespoke training courses
Outsource Your Course Creation.

Types of Bespoke Work 

Many types of bespoke work can be done to elevate your L&D delivery. These include onboarding, internal podcasts, and course creation. 


Offer your employees an alternative way to onboard with podcasts created by Assemble You. Working with you, we will create tailored podcasts that capture your new hires' attention and help engage them in onboarding. 

Whether you’re looking for an update on your onboarding materials or just want to supply  audio to employees, this is a flexible way to add audio to your L&D provision. 

Recent projects include turning interviews with senior management into a “Day in the Life” series, used in their onboarding process to give new hires an idea of what these individuals do. 

Internal Podcasts 

If you’re looking at creating an internal podcast, we can help/we’re here. Assemble You edits and polishes internal podcasts, making them sound professional and appealing with intro and outro music. Additionally, we remove all those pesky filler words to create a smooth podcast experience. 

These can be uploaded into a private podcast for you to share with teams or specific individuals, and if you want listeners to be nudged when a new episode comes out, then we can do this. Or, if you want this to be embedded within your website or on your LMS, we can provide you with the SCORM files. 

Course Creation

Another type of bespoke training is lesson creation. Whether you have existing material and you want us to write this into an audio course or you have an entirely new idea, we’re equipped with the right resources. 

We work with an extensive network of freelancers who are experts in their field to write the content. We use expert voice-over artists and then edit the audio in-house to ensure that it is high-quality and perfect for your team.

Recent projects include a Sage Accounting and Customer Service course. 

How to record a podcast

Why Choose Assemble You

Assemble You is a versatile choice when considering creating your own or outsourcing content. We’re here to help,  either with a one-off project or a series of small ones. With our vast network and in-house expertise, we can handle your bespoke project! 

Utilising audio learning apps is a modern and efficient way to deliver training, making it accessible and engaging for all employees. These apps are especially effective for managerial training, providing leaders with the tools they need to succeed while on the move.

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