Microsoft Office Resources from Assemble You

Earlier this year, we released our TikTok-style Microsoft Office resources covering Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. There are currently 70 videos aimed to help improve Microsoft Office skills, and plenty more to come.

Many courses that teach Microsoft Office skills are hours long and require serious dedication to complete. This means most Microsoft Office training isn't tailored to the learner’s needs or necessarily solutions-focused. 

To address these long-standing drawbacks, Assemble You partnered with Deb Ashby, Excel MVP, to produce ten-minute videos that tackle common Microsoft queries. MCQs and infographics complement these videos to enhance the learning experience.

We recently conducted a survey on how social-media-inspired content strengthens workplace learning. 

Some of our key findings:

  • 92% of respondents find short videos on social media an effective way to learn.
  • 83% of respondents already use social media to learn–52% intentionally use it for this reason, and 31% say they unintentionally learn while using it
  • 89% of respondents would be more likely to engage with technical learning (e.g. Microsoft Office training) if supplied with short informal videos

TikTok-style videos can be used to engage an audience that is already using this content to learn. Why not take advantage of that for your business?

All our lessons are built to fit into the flow of life. This means they are:

  • Mobile-ready
  • Led by our expert, Deb Ashby
  • Designed to help solve problems at the point of need 
  • Hassle-free for when you’re away from your desk

Enhancing Microsoft Office Skills

Our approach to Microsoft Office training is designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine. By focusing on short, targeted lessons, we ensure that learners can quickly grasp and apply new Microsoft Office skills without the need for lengthy and often overwhelming courses. This method not only saves time but also improves retention and practical application.

Enhance your Microsoft Office skills with our practical, solutions-focused Microsoft Office training resources.

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