How to use TikTok-Style Resources to Engage Learners

It can be difficult to engage employees with L&D, but what if you used a style of learning that they were already familiar with? 

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TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing sites, and it’s used for learning as well as entertainment. Integrating TikTok-style videos into your corporate training can significantly boost engagement and effectiveness.

Assemble You conducted a survey and asked 250 respondents about their use of short-form video content on social media – specifically in relation to learning preferences and habits. We found that:

  • 100% of Gen Z find short videos an effective way to learn
  • 92% said they find short videos on social media an effective way to learn new things.
  • 96% of individuals with management responsibilities agree that short videos on social media are an effective way to learn new things.
  • 83% of respondents say they use social media to learn new things – 52% use it to learn intentionally, and 31% end up learning unintentionally.
  • 89% of individuals agreed they would be more likely to engage with technical learning (e.g., Excel training) if supplied with short informal videos similar to those on social channels such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

The results speak for themselves. Incorporating short, engaging videos into your corporate training strategy can revolutionise how employees interact with learning materials.

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There are many ways to create engaging content in the style of TikTok videos. Here are some popular ones: 

  • Short-form storytelling - capture the interest of your audience with a storytelling format. This method can be particularly effective in corporate training, where relatable scenarios and real-life examples can make the content more engaging and memorable.
  • Microlearning - cut down a long course into five to ten-minute segments and create learning pathways that learners can complete in their own time. This approach is ideal for training new employees, allowing them to absorb information at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Explainer videos - use engaging TikTok-style videos to create explainer videos that they can refer back to if needed. 
  • Product or service education - TikTok-style videos can be a great way to make your employees experts on new products or services the business is rolling out. Use videos to ensure your teams are knowledgeable about the products and how to sell them.

By providing learning resources in a familiar style, you’re more likely to engage learners. If they’re going to be scrolling TikTok anyway, why not take advantage of that and develop your own content? This approach can be particularly effective for corporate training and training new employees, as it aligns with their existing content consumption habits.

Incorporating TikTok-style videos into your corporate training can significantly enhance engagement and learning outcomes. These short, engaging videos are perfect for training new employees and providing ongoing education for your existing workforce. By using a format that is already popular and accessible, you can ensure your training materials are both effective and enjoyable.

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